Friday, June 16, 2006

USA: 2006 WEC Short List Announced

The United States Equestrian Federation® is pleased to announce the selection of the National Endurance Team/Short List for the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games. Twelve horse and rider combinations and six ranked alternates were selected to continue training for the traveling team that will represent the U.S. at the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany, August 20 ? September 3. The endurance competition will begin on August 21, 2006, the first competition of the Games.

The top 12 horse and rider combinations are listed alphabetically as follows:

- Betty Baker Synematic, a 9-year-old Arabian gelding
- Julie Bullock Iron Wyll, a 9-year-old Arabian/Quarter Horse gelding
- Kathryn Downs Pygmalion, a 10-year-old Arabian gelding
- Joseph Mattingley SA Laribou, an 11-year-old Arabian gelding
- Jennifer Niehaus Cheyenne XII, a 14-year-old Arabian gelding
- Stephen Rojek Finch, a 10-year-old Arabian gelding
- Christoph Schork Taj Rai Hasan, a 7-year-old Arabian gelding
- Margaret Sleeper, DVM Shyrocco Troilus, a 14-year-old half Arabian gelding
- Joyce Sousa LV Integrity, a 13-year-old Arabian gelding
- Susan Summers Mags Motivator, a 10-year-old Arabian gelding
- Barry Waitte LV Cambridge, a 14-year-old Arabian gelding
- Susan White-Hedgecock AA Montego, a 16-year-old Arabian gelding

The six ranked alternates are as follows:

1. Heather Stevens RSA Count LaQuen, a 10-year-old Arabian gelding
2. Valerie Kanavy Bahia Gold, an 8-year-old Arabian gelding
3. Dennis Summers SHA Ebony Rose, a 14-year-old Arabian cross mare
4. Sandra Connor Elegant Pride, an 11-year-old Arabian gelding, owned
by Lana Wright
5. Candy Barbo CR Windsor, an 8-year-old Arabian gelding
6. Sara Hunt-Engsberg Koweta Vanna Kaye, a 12-year-old Arabian mare

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